Publications and Reports

Core RAP Publications

These publications describe the methods behind the core RAP datasets — vegetation cover and herbaceous biomass.

2021 Allred, B.W., B.T. Bestelmeyer, C.S. Boyd, C. Brown, K.W. Davies, M.C. Duniway, L.M. Ellsworth, T.A. Erickson, S.D. Fuhlendorf, S.D., T.V. Griffiths, V. Jansen, M.O. Jones, J. Karl, A. Knight, J.D. Maestas, J.J. Maynard, S.E. McCord, D.E. Naugle, H.D. Starns, D. Twidwell, and D.R. Uden.  Improving Landsat predictions of rangeland fractional cover with multitask learning and uncertainty. Methods in Ecology and Evolution * Link
2020 Jones, M.O., N.P. Robinson, D.E. Naugle, J.D. Maestas, M.C. Reeves, R.W. Lankston, and B.W. Allred.  Annual and 16-day rangeland production estimates for the western United States. bioRxiv 2020.11.06.343038 ** Link
2019 Robinson, N.P., M.O. Jones, A. Moreno, T.A. Erickson, D.E. Naugle, and B.W. Allred.  Rangeland productivity partitioned to sub-pixel plant functional typesRemote Sensing 11:1427. Link
2018 Jones, M.O., B.W. Allred, D.E. Naugle, J.D. Maestas, P. Donnelly, L.J. Metz, J. Karl, R. Smith, B. Bestelmeyer, C. Boyd, J.D. Kerby, and J.D. McIver.  Innovation in rangeland monitoring: annual, 30 m, plant functional type percent cover maps for U.S. rangelands, 1984-2017Ecosphere 9:e02430. *** Link

* RAP Vegetation Cover, version 2.0
** RAP Herbaceous Biomass
*** RAP Vegetation Cover, version 1.0


Supporting Publications

These publications support innovative and appropriate uses of the RAP datasets in rangeland management.

2021 Twidwell, D., D.R. Uden, C.P. Roberts, B.W. Allred, M.O. Jones, D.E. Naugle, and C.R. Allen. Mapping panarchy to improve visualization of complex environmental change. Panarchy: Applications and Diffusion Across Disciplines(Status: in press)
2021 Allred, B.W., M.K, Creutzburg, J.C. Carlson, C.J. Cole, C.M. Dovichin, M.C. Duniway, M.O. Jones, J.D. Maestas, D.E. Naugle, T.W. Nauman, G.S. Okin, M.C. Reeves, M. Rigge, S.K. Savage, D. Twidwell, D.R. Uden, and B. Zhou. Guiding principles for using satellite-derived maps in rangeland management. Rangelands. (Status: In review)
2020 Naugle, D.E., B.W. Allred, M.O. Jones, D. Twidwell, and J.D. Maestas. Coproducing science to inform working lands: The next frontier in nature conservation. BioScience 70:90-96.
2020 Jones, M.O., D.E. Naugle, D. Twidwell, D.R. Uden, J.D. Maestas, and B.W. Allred. Beyond inventories: Emergence of a new era in rangeland monitoring. Rangeland Ecology and Management 73:577-583.
2019 Uden, D.R., D. Twidwell, C.R. Allen, M.O. Jones, D.E. Naugle, J.D. Maestas, and B.W. Allred. Spatial imaging and screening and regime shifts. Frontiers Ecology and Evolution 7:e407.
2018 Robinson, N.P., B.W. Allred, W.K. Smith, M.O. Jones, A. Moreno, T.A. Erickson, D.E. Naugle, and S.W. Running. Terrestrial primary production for the conterminous United States derived from Landsat 30 m and MODIS 250 m. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation 4:264-280.
2017 Robinson, N.P., B.W. Allred, M.O. Jones, A. Moreno, J.S. Kimball, D.E. Naugle, T.A. Erickson, and A.D. Richardson. A dynamic Landsat derived normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) product for the conterminous United States. Remote Sensing 9:863.


Studies using RAP datasets

These publications leverage RAP datasets in some aspect of their analysis of ecological and/or social systems.

2020 Morford, S.L., B.W. Allred, D. Twidwell, M.O. Jones, J.D. Maestas, D.E. Naugle. Biome-scale woody encroachment threatens conservation potential and sustainability of U.S. rangelands. Preprint bioRxiv Link
2021 Scholtz, R., S.D. Fuhlendorf, D.R. Uden, B.W. Allred, M.O. Jones, D.E. Naugle, and D. Twidwell. The challenges of brush management treatment effectiveness in southern Great Plains, USA. Rangeland Ecology and Management Link
2021 Donovan, V.M., S.P.H. Dwinnell, J.L. Beck, C.P. Roberts, J.G. Clapp, G.S. Hiatt, K.L. Monteith, and D. Twidwell. Fire-driven landscape heterogeneity shapes habitat selection of bighorn sheep. Journal of Mammalogy   Link
2021 Olsen, A.C. Olsen, J.P. Severson, J.D. Maestas, D.E. Naugle, J. Smith, J.D. Tack, K.H. Yates, and C.A. Hagen. Reversing tree expansion in sagebrush steppe yields population-level benefit for imperiled grouse. Ecosphere (Status: In press)
2021 Bestelmeyer, B.T., S. Spiegal, R. Winkler, D. James, M. Levi, J. Williamson.  Assessing Sustainability Goals Using Big Data: Collaborative Adaptive Management in the Malpai Borderlands. Rangeland Ecology and Management 77:17-29. Link
2021 Smith, J.T., B.W. Allred, C.S. Boyd, K.W. Davies, M.O. Jones, J.D. Maestas, S.L. Morford, and D.E. Naugle.  The elevational ascent and spread of exotic annual grasslands in the Great Basin, USA. bioRxiv
2021 Lazenby, K. D., P.S. Coates, S.T. O’Neil, M.T. Kohl, and D.K. Dahlgren. Nesting, brood rearing, and summer habitat selection by translocated greater sage‐grouse in North Dakota, USAEcology and Evolution. Link
2020 Fogarty, D.T., C.P. Roberts, D.R. Uden, V.M. Donovan, C.R. Allen, D.E. Naugle, M.O. Jones, B.W. Allred, B.W., and D. Twidwell.  Woody Plant Encroachment and the Sustainability of Priority Conservation AreasSustainability12, 8321. Link
2020 Donovan, V.M., D. Twidwell, D.R. Uden, T. Tadesse, B.D. Wardlow, C.H. Bielski, M.O. Jones, B.W. Allred, D.E. Naugle, and C.R. Allen. Resilience to large, “catastrophic” wildfires in North America’s grassland biomeEarth’s Future, 8, e2020EF001487 Link
2020 Bestelmeyer B.T., G. Marcillo, S.E. McCord, S. Mirski, G. Moglen, L.G. Neven, D. Peters, C. Sohoulande, and W. Tewodros.  Scaling up agricultural research with artificial intelligence. IT Professional; 22:33–38. Link
2019 Robinson, N.P., B.W. Allred, D.E. Naugle, and M.O. Jones. Patterns of rangeland productivity and land ownership: Implications for conservation and management. Ecological Applications 29:e01862.
2019 Chambers, J.C., M.L. Brooks, M.J. Germino, J.D. Maestas, D.I. Board, M.O. Jones, and B.W. Allred.  Operationalizing resilience and resistance concepts to address invasive grass-fire cycles. Front. Ecol. Evol. 7:185. Link
2018 Roberts, C.P., D. Twidwell, J.L. Burnett, V.M. Donovan, C.L. Wonkka, C.L. Bielski, A.S. Garmestani, D.G. Angeler, T. Eason, B.W. Allred, M.O. Jones, D.E. Naugle, S.M. Sundstrom, and C.R. Allen. Early warnings for state transitions. Rangeland Ecology and Management 71:659-670.



These reports describe applications of RAP datasets in rangeland management.

2020 Western Governors' Association.  A Toolkit for Invasive Annual Grass Management in the West
2020 Twidwell, D. and D.T. Fogarty. A guide to reducing risk and vulnerability to woody encroachment in rangelands

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